Explain about the National Digital Health Mission and its components

National Digital Health Mission

The mission aims to create an integrated healthcare system linking practitioners with patients digitally by giving them access to real-time health records. This will promote prompt and structured healthcare across the country.

Objectives of National Digital Health Mission

  1. Establishment of Digital Health Systems
    • Core digital health data managed by these systems
    • To manage the infrastructure requirements for seamless exchange of services.
  2. Creation of Registries
    • It will have all credible data of clinical establishments, healthcare professionals, health workers, drugs, and pharmacies
  3. Enforcement of adoption of open standards by all national digital health stakeholders
  4. Establishment of Standardized personal health records
    • It will take inspiration from international standards
    • Based on an individual’s informed consent, the records can be easily shared between individuals and healthcare professionals, and services providers.
  5. Enterprise-class health application systems
  • The aim will be to achieve health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  1. Adoption of cooperative federalism while coordinating with states and union territories.
  2. Promotion of private players’ participation along with the public health authorities
  3. Making healthcare services portable nationally.
  4. Promotion of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Systems by healthcare professionals.
  5. Digitally manage:
  • Identifying people, doctors, and health facilities,
  • Facilitating electronic signatures
  • Ensuring non-repudiable contracts
  • Making paperless payments
  • Securely storing digital records, and
  • Contacting people

Components of National Digital Health Mission

There are four components:

  1. National Health Electronic Registries
  2. A Federated Personal Health Records (PHR) Framework – It will fight twin challenges of:
    • Access to healthcare reports/data by the patients and the healthcare provider for treatment
    • Making the data available for medical research
  3. A National Health Analytics Platform
  4. Other Horizontal Components like:
  • Unique Digital Health ID,
  • Health Data Dictionaries
  • Supply Chain Management for Drugs,
  • Payment gateways

Salient Features of National Digital Health Mission

  • The institutional framework of the mission runs at different levels starting from the apex level, followed by the board of directors, CEO, and operations.
  • It is an IT-enabled healthcare infrastructure system
  • Health ID 
    • It will be a repository of all health-related information. Every participating stakeholder including healthcare providers and Indian citizens will be part of this health ID system on a voluntary basis. A unique health ID will be created by every citizen interested to access the benefits of this mission.
  • Health data consent managers will be linked with unique health IDs of the patients; who will aid the seamless exchange of the health records between the patient and the doctors.
  • The healthcare services will be provided through a mobile app or through an official website.
  • Digi Doctor 
    • He/she will be the one who will be responsible for providing healthcare services across the country.
    • An interested healthcare professional can act as a digital doctor to provide prescriptions to patients sitting in a different location altogether.
    • He/she will be assigned free digital signatures which can be used to prescribe medicines.
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