Explain the role of Science and Technology in India’s development

India’s development in the fields of science and technology

  • Science and technology are widely acknowledged to be essential components of social and economic development.
  • Some of the global challenges science and technology could solve
    • Providing Safe drinking-water and food supplies
    • Grid-scale energy storage
    • Energy-efficient desalination
    • Cleaning up of Ocean
    • Embodied Artificial Intelligence
    • Universal flu vaccine
    • Earthquake prediction
    • Carbon sequestration

Role of S&T at the macro level 

  • S&T management should focus on meeting the needs of the nation (including industry) and encompass a wide spectrum of activities, namely:-
  • Basic research,
  • Applied research,
  • Technology transfer,
  • Design, development, fabrication, tests and trials,
  • Manufacturing, marketing, maintenance and product support during tile life cycle.

Society aspects of science & technology in India

  • Science and technology (S&T) is widely recognized as an important tool for fostering and strengthening the economic and social development of the country.
  • It is, therefore, essential to evolve a mechanism and identify programmes for application of Science & Technology for
    • Improving the quality of life of the people (particularly the weaker sections and women).
    • For the development of rural areas to reduce regional imbalances and
    • For inculcating scientific awareness among the masses.

Areas of Development

  • Higher education
  • Scientific research and development
  • Technological development
  • Advancement of agricultural system
  • Development of space science and technology
  • Development of medical science and technology
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Information and communication technology
  • Development of various fields of engineering (including software, chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, electronic, etc.)
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