What is Biogas? Write the Uses and Advantages of Bio gas


  • Biogas is a mixture of methane (nearly 75%), hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. 
  • It is produced by the decomposition of animal wastes (cow dung) and plant wastes in the absence of oxygen. 
  • It is also commonly called as ‘Gobar gas’ since the starting material used is cow dung which means gobar in Hindi.

Uses of biogas

  • It is used as fuel for cooking.
  • It is used to run motors and pump sets.
  • It is used to generate electricity.

Advantages of biogas

  • It burns without smoke and therefore causes less pollution.
  • An excellent way to get rid of organic wastes like bio-waste and sewage material.
  • The leftover slurry is good manure rich in nitrogen and phosphorus
  • It is safe and convenient to use
  • It can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted.
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