What is Population explosion? Explain the reasons for the explosion of populations

Population Explosion

The rapid increase in the human population over a relatively short period of time is called population explosion. Due to overall development in various fields like increased health facilities, and better living conditions the quality of life of people has been increased which had a great impact on the growth of the population

The reasons for the explosion of populations include:

  • Reduced mortality rate and increased life expectancy due to improved medical services.
    Increased birth rate and reduced mortality rate for babies.
  • Increase in reproductive-age people.
  • Illiteracy leads individuals to be unaware of interventions for birth control that lead to unintended pregnancies.
  • Ignorance and complete lack of knowledge of the negative effects of a rising population, especially in rural areas, contributes to an increase in the population.
  • Another major factor for the rapid population growth in India is the tradition of early marriage.
  • They are unable to recognize the need for family planning when a majority of the population is uneducated. They do not realize that smaller family size would allow them to enjoy a better standard of life.
  • The explosion of populations refers to the number of individuals living in an environment. For developed nations, it is a big concern. The government is also not taking adequate steps to control this issue.
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